Facebook ads are a great way to bring leads into your business and many business owners have jumped on the advertising bus hoping to fill their sales pipeline. Unfortunately, the money they put into the ads burns through faster than an inferno, leaving advertisers frustrated and still lacking in customers.

The lure of Facebook ads is strong. You hear of other people getting cheap clicks. You have seen the case studies of the incredible ROI that some people are getting.You are wooed by the idea of getting real, paying customers with only a small investment.

The reality is that unless you put the time, effort and planning into your Facebook ads, they are unlikely to be successful. There are three main areas that you’ll need to address when you make the decision to advertise.

PART ONE – The Setup

These 5 steps are the critical things that most people don’t have in place before they place their ads. Typically, advertisers will go straight to the Facebook ads manager or boost a post without doing any kind of preliminary setup. Here are all the things you need to think about before you even think about logging into Facebook.

  1. A Place to send the Traffic: You need a targeted opt-in page (or landing page) to send people when they click on your ad. This should not be your main website and should have a place to collect leads.
  2. An opt-in gift or offer: In exchange for asking for the prospect’s contact information, offer to give them a free gift, such as a downloadable pdf report or checklist, video or audio series, or even a live workshop. Offer something of value that your ideal client would appreciate.
  3. Email followup series: Once your lead has signed up to receive your offer, it is critical that you follow up with them to build the relationship.
  4. Target Audience: It’s very important to target the right people when you advertise. Many people are tempted to go too broad and advertise to everyone, but not everyone will be interested in your offer. Be sure to target only those that will be most likely to sign up.
  5. A plan: Advertising campaigns are not random. They take careful planning and execution. Take the time to determine your ideal audience, your messaging, your timing, your graphics and everything else that will help your ads be more successful. Decide up front what kinds of things you will test, how much money you will spend, and how long the ads will run.

PART TWO – The Facebook Platform

If you have ever been unsuccessful with a Facebook ads campaign, it is most likely because you skipped some or all of Part One and started here. Only once you have the 5 steps place from in Part One will you be ready to create your ads in Facebook.

This step is fairly self-explanatory as Facebook makes it fairly easy to follow the directions as you go through the process of setting up the ads.

I highly recommend installing the Facebook pixel on your website or whatever pages you will be using for your ads. This will allow you to track and retarget, giving you much more control over your advertising.

PART THREE – The Maintenance

Facebook ads are not a “set-it and forget-it” system. They require constant monitoring and supervision. You’ll need to check your analytics daily (I recommend several times per day) and adjust as necessary.

Remember, it is pointless to go to Part Two or Part Three unless you have nailed down the 5 steps in Part One. Laying the foundation will greatly increase your chances of a successful advertising campaign.

Debbie Peck Digital