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Communicate. Connect. Convert.

Making meaningful connections online has a become a lost art.
That’s what I’m here to change.

Our Mission

Known as The Digital Trendsetter, Debbie Peck is on a mission to help companies humanize their marketing and communication by building meaningful, real-time relationships online. Real relationships create real results.

Today’s marketplace is getting noisier by the day. Shouting over the noise is not effective and traditional advertising and push media are no longer creating the same results that many companies need. Communication is not a one-way street but a dynamic conversation that involves many.

Debbie’s genius is to attract the ideal audience and customers to companies and through engaging conversations and exchanges that effortlessly turn prospects into buyers and loyal brand ambassadors who share their experience and spread the word.

Debbie has been working in digital marketing since 2001 and has seen many trends come and go. She has a ninja sense of new and upcoming trends. The new trend, social endorsement, is one of the latest tools that Debbie teaches. Her clients know that Debbie’s techniques are cutting edge and they work!

With digital marketing systems becoming more complex, Debbie combines both the technical and the marketing skills and is known for her famous attention to detail. As a seasoned marketer who has in-depth knowledge of how the various channels and platforms interconnect, she can save a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Debbie loves to produce great results for her clients. She tripled James Patterson’s YouTube account in 4 months, 10x’d Loral Langemeier’s Facebook page in 3 months, and increased enrollment to SAIT, a prestigious technical school in Canada, by over 100%.

A native Canadian, Debbie Peck runs her Digital Agency from her laptop as she travels the world. She loves the ocean and aspires to find as many beaches as possible around the world while meeting amazing friends.


Our workshops, training and consulting are tailored specifically for each organization’s needs. We design based on your projects and corporate strategies. elevate your content marketing and social media strategies.

Learn more about digital marketing and social media so your team has the right tools to enhance your investment in your web presence. Increase visibility, conversations, public perception and ultimately qualified leads.

Speaking & Training

Book Debbie Peck for your speaking engagement. She is an accomplished speaker on multiple podcasts, webinar events, online marketing summits and live events.

Signature talks, such as Debbie’s “Targeting Your Ideal Client on Facebook Ads” and her “Online Launch Planning” have made her a popular and sought-after speaker.

Meet Debbie Peck

Digital Trendsetter

I’m Debbie Peck, the founder of Debbie Peck Digital, creator of the Social Media for Social Impact summit & Social Media Kindergarten. As a certified social media manager, Facebook ads specialist and online marketing strategist, my mission is to connect people around the world.

I started working online in 2001, coding websites in HTML and earning a second income with affiliate marketing. Since that time, I’ve continued my education and have done a variety of work, including SEO, creating and launches courses, webinars, copywriting and social media.

I’ve been working on the Internet since the dial-up days. (For those of you that don’t know, that’s pretty much the dark ages!) I’ve served hundreds of people around the world, including several celebrities.

Back when I started working online, I was a single mom with two kids. I remember getting up super early in the morning before the kids were awake to sneak in to use the computer before I had to get them ready for school and me for work. I had a full-time job back then and one day I was sitting there at the computer thinking how badly I didn’t want to stop what I was working on to go to my J.O.B. Now, I’m so fortunate to be able to run my digital marketing agency as my full-time business for many years.

Now my family has grown and I have 2 grandchildren plus a lovely granddaughter on the way. I love to travel and take my work with me around the world. The cold winters in Canada aren’t my favorite, so I try to find a beach somewhere warm.

It has been so much fun meeting so many amazing people around the world. I would love to stay connected with you.


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