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Evaluate. Analyze. Strategize.

An outside evaluation can be eye-opening. Are your digital marketing efforts really working to bring customers to you?


Our workshops, training and consulting are tailored specifically for each organization’s needs. We design based on your projects and corporate strategies. elevate your content marketing and social media strategies.

Learn more about digital marketing and social media so your team has the right tools to enhance your investment in your web presence. Increase visibility, conversations, public perception and ultimately qualified leads.

Digital Strategy

Keep up to date with all the fasted-paced changes in the digital world.


Facebook Ads

One of the best, most inexpensive, yet highly effective ways to advertise today.

Content Strategy

We will help you design your content and how it needs to be distributed for maximum effect.


We can design, create and help you set up your digital classes and webinars.

Product Launch

Having run multiple product launches, we will help plan, execute and manage your next launch.

Digital Communications

We make sure your web presence, social media and email marketing speaks to your ideal client.

Our Services

Digital Communications & Lead Generation

3 to 6 Hour Comprehensive Training & Analysis

Connecting with your clients takes more than a website with nice images. Your web presence includes video, blogs, paid advertising, social media audit, online sales funnels and even digital learning portals. In addition to providing a comprehensive analysis of your online properties, we create strategies that are forward-thinking that can include digital benchmarks, social media audits digital competitive analysis.

Content Creation and Management

3 to 4 Hour Advisory and Training

Companies are spending millions of dollars creating content to compete with the sheer volume of content available to the average user. Having a solid content plan and distributions strategy will save time and money while creating opportunities for your clients to interact with you and purchase your products and services. Topics covered include how to create your digital content calendar and where to find content that your audience will love and how to develop your own content that will attract buyers and loyal followers.

Sales Funnels

3 to 6 Hour Comprehensive Training & Analysis

From initial contact through to the purchase experience, your customer needs to be guided down a deliberate path. In digital marketing, this may or may not include live sales people, so the online user roadmap needs to be clear and easy to follow. We cover lead capture, webinars or online masterclass training, email marketing and the actual purchase experience.

Facebooks Ads Management

4 to 6 Hour Comprehensive Training

Before attempting to implement a Facebook ads campaign, there are multiple steps to set up first. In this comprehensive training, we go through the 10 steps your organization needs to have in place before starting a paid advertising campaign for maximum return on investment. We also cover reporting and analysis, setting up ads, ad types and campaign strategy.

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