If you haven’t heard of an editorial calendar before, it’s basically a way to plan & organize your marketing so that everyone in your company knows what is being promoted. An editorial calendar allows you to plan in advance for events, promotions & sales, launches, social media posts and blogs. As an online marketing strategist, this is one of the things that I get asked about all the time. Sometimes people think you need to be a large company or an ad agency to use an editorial calendar, but I think they actually work well for any type of business.

I’ve used many different calendars for different purposes in my own business and for other people, so people ask me what’s the best one that you’ve tried and which one should they use? My answer is – the one that works best for you. I’ve used some really fancy ones from big name marketers and they haven’t necessarily worked for me. I’ve also used Google calendar and it’s worked for me.

I use different calendars for different things. For example, I have a blogging calendar that my team and I use to plan and schedule my posts.  Now that I’ve been blogging every week for almost a year, I look back and realize that I would not have been able to blog regularly for that length of time if I hadn’t put some processes in place.

One of the things I do is to brainstorm a bunch of blog topics all at once and put them into the calendar. This allows me to focus on what I am offering week to week or if there’s an event or something new to talk about. The other cool thing about using a calendar is that once you have a lot of postings, it allows you to see what you’ve already focused on so you are not duplicating your efforts.

If you have outsourced help such as an assistant or writers, an editorial calendar can be very helpful to keep everyone in the loop. I still write my own blog posts but I have my assistant upload it to my blog for me. All of the information is in the calendar, such as the name of the image that needs to be used, and the date that each one gets published.

I also have a second calendar that I use for social media. I use my blog posts as ‘food’ for my social media calendar so that way I can be consistent on my social media. My social media calendar is much simpler than the blogging one. It’s really just a very simple spreadsheet. Whenever I come across articles or anything that I like, I can paste them to the spreadsheet. I have it organized by the subject matter,  so when we go to schedule our social media posts, we have a list of topics to choose from.

An editorial calendar will help you consistently manage your content and promotions. Try putting this system in place and you will see an increase in productivity.

Debbie Peck Digital