Facebook ads are not a “set-it and forget-it” system. They require constant monitoring and supervision. You’ll need to check your analytics daily (I recommend several times per day) and adjust as necessary. Evaluation is an important part of running paid advertising.

Often times when people get an ad that starts converting well, they will do one of two things – 1) they’ll hike up the ad spend, or 2) they’ll keep the ad running for a long time without monitoring. First of all, the ad spend cannot be increased too quickly. Facebook will see this as potential spam and your results will plummet. Secondly, even when your results are good, they may not be that way forever.

Increasing The Adspend

It is advisable to only increase it in small increments every few days. This is not done to ‘trick’ the algorithms, it is meant to keep the ad stable as you grow it. The rule of thumb is to increase no more than half at a time. So, for example if you are spending $5 per day, only increase the ad spend by $2 or $3, let it ride for a day or two (longer is better), make sure there is no drop in the effectiveness of the ad, and then increase again, this time by $3 or $4 until you have reached your desired daily budget.

When I first create Facebook ads, I let them run for a minimum of 48 hours, and sometimes even a bit longer, to get some data. Once I see whether people are clicking on the ads, whether they are signing up for the offers, I can determine whether anything needs to be changed. Checking on your ads is something that needs to be done on a daily basis. You need to have benchmarks for all your KPI’s (key performance indicators) and know what to do if they go too far out of line.

Overstaying Their Welcome

Sometimes the ads just get ‘tired’. That is, people get sick of seeing the same ad over and over in their newsfeed and they don’t respond to it anymore. This is called ‘ad fatigue’. Other times, it’s a matter of making small changes, such as swapping out the photo, changing a headline or some of the copy.

Activity Monitoring

The other thing that needs to be monitored is the engagement on your ads. Because the newsfeed ads look like regular posts, people may like, comment or share your ads. Be sure to watch for any activity so you can respond back or delete any unnecessary or spam comments. Engagement is a very good thing and it increases your relevancy score, but too many negative comments will hurt the ad.

Funnel Testing

Lastly, be sure to check every step of your funnel. Sign up for your own offer. Did you see the thank you page? Did you receive the email? Make sure that everything is functioning as it should. DO NOT skip this step! When you are spending money to send people to this funnel, you want to make sure that it works. I also like to do random spot checks while the ad is running, just to ensure nothing has broken and that everything is running fine.

The last thing I want is to find out I was spending money to send people to a dead link.

If you don’t think you have the time to continually monitor your Facebook ads, consider hiring this important task out. We handle many business’ Facebook ads so their owners can concentrate on growing their businesses – contact us today to see how we can help your business grow with Facebook ads.

Debbie Peck Digital