I hear people say sometimes that Facebook Ads don’t work. The reason is because they don’t plan a strategy first and have specific processes in place before they attempt to run their ads. I can guarantee you if I did anything that I didn’t plan ahead for it likely wouldn’t work either.

There are some things you need to have in place before you spend any money on Facebook ads so that they will be effective.


First of all, you need a place to send your ads traffic to.  Whether you are selling a product, booking people for an event or webinar, or building your email list, you need a place that people can go to find out more. I highly recommend NOT sending your Facebook ads traffic to your general website unless you are able to fulfill the goal of the ad on that page. For example, unless the product you are selling is right there on the page or whatever the promise of the ad is, you will need to create a separate page.


What happens if someone clicks on your ad, goes to your website or landing page, but they don’t buy or register for your product or service? You have now paid for that click, but have not captured that lead. If you have a place where the prospect can enter their name and email, you can give them a freebie in return, now you have their information and can follow up with them to not only purchase this product, but future products as well.  


Let’s just say you had a Facebook ad that was advertising some sort of a give away – it could be an ebook, it could be a video it could be whatever information the potential client finds valuable. The prospect opts in, giving you their email address in exchange, and then the giveaway is delivered automatically. Then, they are taken to a thank you page, where you could potentially sell a product. Whether they buy the product or not, you still have their contact details so that you can follow up later.

The best part about this method is that you could actually self-fund your ads. For example, if you are selling a low-ticket item and your traffic converts at a reasonable amount, you make money to pay for your ads. You could sell something small for 10 or 20 dollars and then upsell later to your larger ticket main product.


Once you bring people into your email list, you need a way to continue the relationship. One of the ways to do this is with an automated funnel. A funnel is a type of sales process. It is typically a series of emails that are delivered to your prospective client automatically. These are designed to nurture the client relationship or even sell a product. You could also have phone calls or face-to-face meetings also in your funnel.

These are the systems I recommend that you have in place before you attempt to run Facebook ads. If you don’t have anything set up in the background such as your email system and your sales system (the funnel automation), your ads will simply be for branding, just like a billboard.  The ideas here will help you retain the leads and sell more of your products and services in the long run.


Debbie Peck Digital