I noticed recently that one of my friends on Facebook was talking about creating a brand new Facebook profile just for her family and friends.  She had started friending people on a completely different Facebook timeline.  Now, I just want to caution you that this is actually against Facebook’s Terms of Service. They do not allow you to have more than one account –  it’s only one per person. However, there’s a solution for this. You can actually create lists on Facebook for your friends and you can have different lists for different people.

For example, can have a list just for acquaintances. This is for people that you want to stay in touch with but you don’t necessarily have to see every little thing that they post. You can also not see every little thing that they post by choosing friends except for acquaintances when you’re selecting your audience each time you post.

What happens if your boss or people that you don’t know very well are on your Facebook?  You may not want them to see everything that you’re posting.  Well, you can put them on a restricted list.  You can still accept their friend request even if you’re not really crazy about it but you can restrict them so they only see things that are public.

So how do you add friend to list?

Basically you just scroll down to friends on the left side of your news feed click more and click create list and then you name each list so that you remember who it’s for.

To add people to your list, all you’re going to do is from the left menu of your homepage scroll down to the friends section click more and then click on the name of the list you want to edit.

And then on the top right add in the names of the friends that you want to add in that list. To remove somebody from that list, from your list, just click see all in the top right hover over the person you wanna remove and click the little X button and click finish.


You won’t have to worry about posting in multiple different places all at the same time, or potentially having your Facebook shut down due to violating their TOS. You can choose whose updates you want to see, to have people see what you’re posting or not have certain people see what you’re posting.

You may have family things you want to keep just within the family or a close friends circle. Or there may even be a geographical list of people – folks in your city. Sometimes it is not applicable to post city-only things so you could post to just your close area.

Keeping it Private

Another thing you can do is change the privacy of certain posts so that it only gets posted to certain people, and it doesn’t show up in your timeline, nor is it public.

Each time you post there’s a little drop down arrow where you can select who you want to see that particular post. That’s where the friend list comes in. Some people just have it set to public. If you post publicly, then everybody sees your post. But if you want to get organized and just post certain things to certain people this is the way to do it.

You can also see the privacy of a post that you’ve already posted by clicking the small world icon. If you want, you can also change the privacy if you posted it publicly, but have changed your mind and want only certain people to see it.

Lastly, if you are using your personal Facebook timeline for business, you need to start a business page. While it’s fine to post business updates occasionally on your personal page, Facebook does not allow you to have a second personal timeline or even a dual-purpose page.

For example, sometimes I see people integrate their title or company name into their personal name, such as John Realtor Jones, or Jane Johnson Companyname. Again, Facebook does not allow this and you risk having your profile closed down.

I encourage you to go ahead and explore the list option. We are always here to help if you need it. You can Contact me here.

Debbie Peck Digital