I participated in a 31-Day video challenge and it was an eye opener for me. I have wanted to launch video into my business for a while and this gave me the push that I needed to jump in. Most of the video that I do is “screen-shot” style, where I am showing how to do something. In this challenge, we were required to do face-time videos.

It was great practice posting that many videos. There was no editing or anything – just pull out your cell phone or web-cam and hit the record button. I have been uploading some great social media tips to my own YouTube channel using strategies that have worked well for my clients.

During my Social Media For Social Impact Telesummit, I interviewed YouTube expert, Jessica Brace, and she gave me a few points:

Be  Consistent With Your Message

As a social media and online marketing expert, when you post a video, I want to make sure I stick to content that is within my expertise. But if one day I talk about Facebook, and then the next day I talk about my cat, and then a couple days later I talk about recipes, I wouldn’t be consistent with my topic. What happens is that your page on YouTube becomes watered down, and you end up not looking like an expert in anything.

Be Consistent in Your Postings

The biggest question that people ask is how often do I need to make videos? Try to launch one video per week and you do that on a consistent basis, and keep all your videos are around the same type of topic.

Eventually what’s going to happen is YouTube and Google are going to notice that you are providing quality content on a consistent basis. They will start to reward you by ranking your videos higher.

Keep it Short & Simple

The average attention span, not only on YouTube, but on the internet, is usually about two minutes. Besides your intro, you can generally have about two minutes of content, then your offer or call to action at the end. Make sure you talk about one subject only. Get your point across in two minutes and if you find yourself straying into other topics, just cut it off and use that topic for another video.

Call to Action – MANDATORY

You definitely want to have your viewers take some kind of action after watching your video. Sometimes it’s to subscribe to your YouTube channel, but what if they want buy your stuff? People aren’t going to go to Google, type in your name, search, look for your web site, go to your web site, and then try and dig out where your product is on your web site. Give them one action, maybe two action steps that you would like them to do.

Having subscribers on YouTube is great, and they get a notification when you create a new videos, but if you can get them to opt in to your email list, that’s much better, because you

can have ongoing communication with them and have better results for your business.

If you want to see some of the videos that I’ve been posting about social media, check out my YouTube channel here. And if you like the content, go ahead and subscribe.

Debbie Peck Digital