Sometimes you see a great post when you’re scrolling through your Facebook fan page and you want to share it, but you don’t necessarily want to share it right then. If you click the ‘Share Button’, it will share immediately, but there may be reasons you want to share it later. Check out the video I made to show you how to share a post to Facebook later.

It’s a little tricky to do if you have a picture, for example. Go ahead and watch the video.

What if you’ve already shared a couple of posts on your Facebook fan page but you spot a really good post that you know your followers would like? Maybe you want to mix these up a little bit and not share the posts all at the same time. I’m sure we’ve all seen those pages that have shared 50 things back to back, and it’s a bit annoying. There is a way you can space things out.

There are two different types of posts that you might want to share later – links, or photos. They are handled a little bit different. Let’s start with sharing a photo.

First, find the photo that you want to share.  Click on the date that the photo was originally posted.

You will notice that this opens up just like any other photo would on Facebook. You are going to copy the URL, BUT you’ll notice that it has a question mark close to the end of the address. What you have to do in the case of a photo, is ignore all of the characters behind the question mark and just highlight only the address that’s before the question mark and copy it.  So just to be clear, everything from the question mark past is not to be used

Now go back to your main timeline and paste the link into your status and then delete the link once the picture loads. You can add your own comments about the photo and then you can just schedule that out for a later date.

If the post is an article, it’s a lot easier. You don’t have to worry about copying a partial link – you can copy the entire link.

So that’s how you schedule a Facebook post at a later date. If you found that helpful, go ahead and leave me a comment below. You can also follow me on YouTube to get these tips right away.

Debbie Peck Digital