A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to interview some amazing people on my Social Media for Social Impact Telesummit. One of those people is Social Media Expert, Lisa Larter. Lisa climbed the corporate ladder to lead a $100 million sales team in the wireless retail industry until 2006, when her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she became a self-taught business guru and social media expert.

There are some real gems in my interview with Lisa, but essentially this is her Social Media Strategy:

  1. Lack of planning is the biggest mistake most business owners make on social media and marketing. The business strategy needs to come first, not second. And when you’re clear about your business strategy and what the objectives are inside of your business, then you can see how social media aligns.
  2. Have clarity about what you are trying to achieve. It’s not about promoting, it’s about adding value. It’s OK to promote yourself, but be sure to also give back to your community of followers.
  3. Content creation and management has 3 legs to the stool – content, email and social media. You need a distribution channel and to be actively marketing your content.
  4. Social media is a tactic that meets an objective. It elevates your reach.
  5. You must interact, not just broadcast. If your intention is to build your business through social media you need to show up and acknowledge and respond to people. Make sure to check your social channels a minimum of once or twice per day to answer questions or comments.
  6. Don’t use social media as a soapbox. People forget when they’re angrily typing away at their keyboard that there is another human being on the other side of the computer reading what they just wrote.
  7. Manage your time by priority. Use a team if you can, who is responsible for posting content to drive traffic to your website a set number of times per day per social media channel.
  8. Structure in themes and editorial calendars. Plan out your content in advance to fit with your marketing strategy.
  9. Use technology to save time.
  10. Always remember it’s about THEM, not you. Get clear on how you help people. Pin down who your ideal client is.
  11. Have a system in place. The #1 thing is an email newsletter. Produce and distribute your content consistently and regularly.

Favorite Quote from Lisa:

Here is the recording of the whole interview. One thing that was interesting to me is that even though social media changes constantly, the information here is timeless. It’s because Lisa concentrates on sound business principles, not flash-in-the-pan techniques that work today but not tomorrow.


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