Many people try running Facebook ads to fill the seats for their upcoming event. Great idea, except many times they waste money on Facebook ads because they make some common mistakes.

Has this ever happened to you? You plan a workshop, book the venue, get the Powerpoint ready and then have 2 people show up? Or maybe you have an online event such as a webinar or masterclass that you want to present. How do you get people to attend?

In addition to emailing your own database, you can also post the event on social media, forums and ask others to help you do the same. You can purchase ads in the newspaper or other traditional advertising, but that tends to be expensive. Facebook ads are a good choice because of the excellent targeting capabilities and they aren’t as expensive as some other forms of advertising.

  1. Not Enough Lead Time.
    I have had people contact me literally the day before an event to ask if I can help them with some Facebook ads. Definitely not. Even a week is pushing the limit. I like to start ads at least three to four weeks before an event, but at a minimum, two weeks can work IF you have everything else in place.
  2. Not Enough Budget
    Depending on the size of the audience that you’ll be advertising to, you will need to keep in mind that the advertising budget is one of the most important aspects of event planning. Although Facebook ads can cost less that some other forms of advertising, like print or radio, you still need to have a healthy marketing budget. If you also have other ways to let people know about your event, you will be able to keep your budget modest.
  3. Sending The Traffic Directly to The Event Signup Page
    If you don’t remember anything else, my most important Ninja tip is to capture the lead whenever possible. I always like to send my Facebook ads traffic to an opt-in page or landing page, NOT to the event signup page. I offer a free gift in exchange for the email and this allows me to make sure the person clicking on the Facebook ad gets into my database whether they sign up for the event or not. That way, if they do not sign up right away, I can still remind them about the upcoming event.

Filling workshops, events and webinars are important because in addition to the teaching, many times you can make an offer for your products or services to the attendees. It’s a way to get your message out in a bigger way and can result in a higher return on your investment.

Have an event coming up? Start thinking about running your ads soon and build your database.

Debbie Peck Digital