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Studies show that prospects are much more likely to opt in to your email list if they are offered a free gift. But where do you get the free gift? Well, you could pay an expensive designer to make one for you - or you could just create one yourself, using a free software available on the internet.

You can make several e-books. This software allows you to create as many high-quality pdf booklets as you want, quickly and easily, all for FREE!

Use Giveaways on your Website

  • When you offer a free gift in exchange for people's email, they are more likely to opt in to your database. Just asking people to sign up for your newsletter does not get the same results.
  • Giving away a small portion of your knowledge will prove to your prospects that you actually know your stuff.
  • Create pdf's to use as bonus giveaways to your courses or classes. These can be supplemental or as part of the course materials.

Give away booklets on social media

  • Use pdf giveaways to start conversations on social media. Increase engagement and attract new followers.
  • Offer a giveaway whenever running ads on social media to capture the lead. Even if the prospect doesn't buy from the ad, you will still get their email address.
  • By sharing your great content with your followers on social media, they will be more inclined to purchase from you because they get to know, like and trust you.

Why give away pdf booklets?

PDF booklets are like the appetizer. When you give someone the teaser, they get a taste of your expertise and what you can do. Then they can decide to upgrade to your main product or service, kind of like the 'main course'.

Here's What You Get

Fully Instructional Video

I'm going to show a behind the scenes video to show you the actual steps to create your own high-quality pdf's. I have send countless people to this software free, but until they watch this video, they end up spending hours trying to create and format their pdf. I'll show you how to get it all done in under an hour.

Elements of your giveaway

There are certain parts of your giveaway that you need to consider when putting it together. I go over each one of these elements in detail.

PDF Booklets Included!

I have included two of my own pdf booklets that I have created to show you how I have structured mine. These are not samples, these are actual freebies that I use.

Save Time and Money

Some designers charge hundreds of dollars to create these little pdf booklets. And they can sometimes take a week or two (or more!) for the work to be completed. You can get the job done for free in under an hour.

This is the best investment you'll make in your business for ONLY $10...


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