Blogging is one of the best ways to get your expertise out to your followers. It also serves as the ‘food’ for the search engines and provides the content to share to social media. But it needs to be consistent in order to be effective. The most successful bloggers stick to a rigorous schedule and their fans are extremely loyal.Getting posts out week after week, or whatever your schedule is, can be a challenge for many people, including me. So how do you stick to a blogging schedule? Planning. And a few tricks.


First, I have a spreadsheet and I plan out my blogs in advance. I found that trying to write them each week was cumbersome for me and I wasn’t adhering to my schedule. One of the reasons I do this is because I don’t want to keep giving my audience the same information week after week. This allows me to switch up the topics so that I can help people in various ways.

Secret Weapon

Second, and this is my secret weapon, I blog while I drive. Yes, you heard that right, I’m blogging while I’m driving. This is a great method that I have found that actually works really really well for me. My iphone has a recording button that I can record audio of myself. Because of my previous planning, I normally have a number of blog post ideas rolling around in my head. So I just pick one, hit that record button on my iphone I just start talking.

Then what I do is I email those recordings to my assistant and she transcribes those for me.  And then once I get them back, I can just take those transcriptions, clean them up a little bit and I have a blog post.  So it’s actually a really great way and it saves me a lot of time. I find starting from  the transcription instead of a blank page is much easier than just starting from scratch for me. You can go to sites like Fiverr and find transcription services pretty inexpensive.

More is Better

The other thing I do is batch my blog writing. In other words, I don’t just write (or speak) one at a time. I do several and then schedule them into WordPress to go live each week. Yes, this post was both spoken while I drove, and was written several weeks ago. If you feel that your blog posts need to be topical, ‘in-the-moment’ content every week, you can still use this method – just freshen it up in the first and/or last paragraph.

Everything Old is New Again

Lastly, I try to repurpose content whenever possible. Think about the various types of content you create – if you do a lot of video, consider having those transcribed and turned into blog posts. For those of you that are authors, you have a huge amount of content. You can take snippets out of your books and create posts.

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Debbie Peck Digital