As a social media manager and consultant I get asked from time to time whether companies should outsource their social media and whether it is ethical. Because I actually do take over people’s social media and do it for them, I’ve had comments that some people find it inauthentic or fake if I’m chatting on behalf of another person.

It can seem that way in some ways if you are taking over somebody’s social media and commenting for them. I tend to agree and here’s why:  there are lots of social media tasks that you can outsource but I would agree that it’s a good idea to do your own engagement.

What I mean by engagement is that you should be doing your own commenting, liking, sharing and interacting with people. It’s fine to have somebody liking posts on your behalf or sharing content, however if you have a sales question or a certain type of comment, an outsourcer may not be able to answer those particular posts.

An advantage to having your social media outsourced to a person like me is that I monitor your stuff constantly. I get notifications on my phone, so I know when something requires an immediate response.

One of the biggest reasons companies hire a social media professional is for the strategy. I develop the strategy and plan for companies and they can choose to implement it themselves or hire out some of the tasks.

Here are some social media tasks that you could outsource and still be authentic:


I am a big believer in automating some of your posts, not all of them but some of them.  You can use schedulers like Hootsuite, or even Facebook, which has a native scheduler built right in. You don’t necessarily have to do that yourself,  you could have somebody else, like an assistant or VA set that up and do the scheduling for you.

Research & Reporting

Because research can be time consuming, I have people that I outsource to do the research. I have them researching not only social media but external blogs and things like that to find content to use in social media. For example, one of the things that I find that can be time consuming is, running reports on LinkedIn when you’re searching certain demographics and people to target. There are also lots of different social media reports that you can have your outsourcer run that you don’t need to spend your time on.

Repurposing Content

Repurposing content is another one that you can outsource that definitely takes time. For example I often take video and audio content and have it transcribed and then I can use that content in a blog post, and I can also take pieces out of it and use it as social media posts. You can also outsource video editing and uploading the videos.


I am not a graphic designer – in fact, I can’t even draw a stick-man! Graphics is another thing that I outsource often. Almost all of our graphics are done on Canva, so I can do a few graphics now and then if I have time. If I ever do need to have something done on Photoshop, I am not very good at that – I leave that to the professionals!

I ask myself a question when considering whether I should outsource anything in my business:  Is this task the highest and best use of my time? If not, that’s when I look to outsourcing. Do what you love and what you are good at and hire out the rest.

Debbie Peck Digital