When should you update your social media profiles? Obviously when you have a significant change that might affect how people contact you, job or career change, etc. but I also like to take a look at all my profiles at the beginning of the year.

The new year is a good time to take a fresh look at your social media profiles to see if they are still consistent with your values and service or product offerings. You may want to also review your profile photo to make sure it is current.

I find that because most people tend to create various profiles at different times, they often don’t match or are inconsistent with some of the earlier profiles that they have filled out. For example, you may have started out on Facebook, and then a year later started a Pinterest account.

What I see typically happen is that the newer account, in this case Pinterest, will get the new updated photo and the current information that is happening in your business today, while the older account (Facebook) won’t get updated to reflect the changes.

Here is a checklist of what I recommend you review for each profile at or around the beginning of the new year or whenever you have a significant change:


Make sure it is a recent photo and that it shows your face. If you are serious about doing business, you want people to  recognize you. I often go out to business and networking events and people know who I am, even if we haven’t previously met because they have seen me on social media.

It does not have to be a professional photo (though I recommend one) however, it should be good quality. I also recommend that you use the same photo for every social media site, or at the least, from the same photo shoot. It is very confusing for people that are looking you up to find different photos, especially if they look vastly different.

Ladies: if you change your hairstyle (colour, cut, even tying your hair back) update your photo. For those of you that wear glasses, either wear them in all your profile photos or none at all.

Contact Information:

This is the most important one! Make sure there is somewhere that people can contact you, whether it is an email address that you check frequently or your main website. Be sure to check the links to make sure they work. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to contact someone from their profile, only to find their website link doesn’t work.

If you have more than one business, use a separate profile for each one. It is fine to use the same profile if the businesses are relevant to each other. For example, if you have a coaching business, but also have a seminar business that relates to the coaching, those two fit together. However, if you also do dog walking on the side, I wouldn’t include it in that profile.


Keywords are how people find you. Think about what you type in when you are looking for someone. What would someone put in the search bar when looking for your type of business? Then use those words in your profile.

Sometimes people like to get cute or funny in their profile description. That’s fine as long as your keywords are in there. Most profile descriptions have a limited amount of space for you to wow your audience. Some social platforms, like Facebook, offer an area where you can add in a longer description. Use your whimsy here instead of the main description.

Be sure to utilize and fill out as much space as each social media site allows.

Link Together:

Sometimes when we start a new social media profile, we forget to link it to our website. I like to check all my links at the beginning of the year to make sure they all still work and that the cyber-elves have not unhooked them somehow. It does happen from time to time.In addition to that, some profiles allow you to have more than one contact link. In this case, always add your main website first, then any other sites, such as product websites you may have, and then list the other social media profiles you have. For example, in Facebook, you can add many links. Put your Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.


If you would like a free profile review, contact me to set up a no-obligation session. I will review your social media to see if there are any gaps preventing you from bringing leads into your business.

Debbie Peck Digital