You know you need to be using social media to reach the people who need your help. You’ve even tried your hand boosting a few posts or running your own Facebook ads. Should you be focusing on FB, Insta, Twitter….? My one piece of advice is to stop spinning and hire Debbie! She saved me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars that I would have spent trying to figure this out on my own. Without knowing the how, when, and where to put your efforts, you can easily spin your wheels making efforts that get your business nowhere and you frustrated. Debbie helped me to double both my email list and Facebook following in a short time using measured approaches that she refined as we watched the results. What a relief to be able to have a system that works, designed based on measurable results!

Brie Wieselman, L.Ac, MTCM
Functional Medicine Practitioner
740 Front St, Suite 318
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(844) 334-6179

Brie Wieselman

“If you are working on building your tribe on Facebook and have no idea how to use Facebook ads… I cannot even impress upon you how much you need to hire Debbie Peck. Are you pulling out your hair trying to figure out Facebook ads and spending a crap ton of money but getting zero return on your clicks and investment? Do the word “tracking pixel and audience retargeting” make you want to crack open a beer and drink it down with a straw??? My amazing business buddy Debbie Peck is running a KICK ASS course on FB Ads! She helped me grow my page from under 200 likes to almost 1000 in under 10 days! She knows her stuff!”

Natalie Blais

“So Grateful for the amazing job Debbie Peck is doing for me with my social media.”


“Thanks Debbie Peck for all your great help and advice. You take the mystery out of social media marketing!”

Karen Mellor

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