One of the most frequently asked questions I get is do Facebook Ads really work? Many business owners have tried them but have not had success and come to me wanting to know the real truth about Facebook Ads.

I had a meeting with a potential client recently. She contacted me after she had struggled for four months with trying to fill a high-end coaching program through Facebook Ads. She had spend nearly $9K and really did not have much to show for it. 

The really sad part is that if she had contacted me much earlier, I could have not only saved her a lot of money but helped her fill her programs as well. Without having the proper knowledge and experience to run a successful ads campaign, it’s difficult to achieve the results you want.

When people say that Facebook Ads don’t work, I laugh all the way to the bank. Facebook ads are very inexpensive and in my opinion, work so well that every business owner should consider using them.


You need to have a clearly defined goal for your ads. Are you trying to get more Likes on your Fan page? Are you trying to fill a workshop or event? Are you selling a product?

There are different types of ads depending on your objective. By choosing the correct ad type and running the ad to the correct audience, you have a much greater chance of success. The goal will also determine the strategy of the campaign. We’ll talk strategy in a bit.


I have had people call me to ask if I can run an ad campaign to fill an event they are holding the following week. Although technically possible, the strategy is not very sound. There are too many variables.

When I do an ad campaign, I have a testing period. I start off with multiple ads, testing for things like copy, headlines, photos and audience and we run those at a low rate of ad spend. Usually the testing only lasts a few days, but sometimes it can take up to a week. Once we find some strong converting ads, I shut off the rest and bump up the ad spend.

Not taking the time to test can burn through your budget in a heartbeat.


My rule of thumb is that if I am spending money on advertising, I prefer to capture the lead. What do I mean by that? The website or landing page that I send the ad traffic to has an area for people to sign up using their name and email address to get  a free gift.

While it’s not always possible, I find that the majority of the time, I use this strategy. The reason is that if someone clicks through to your ad but doesn’t buy, join your event or whatever objective you had, if you offer them a free instant download, then at least you have their contact information and you can still market to them.


Of all of these tips, this one is probably the most important of all of them. This allows you to take charge of your marketing. If you don’t learn to read what the analytics are, how do you know if your ads are effective? It’s like playing a game without keeping score.

Keeping an eye on your analytics will allow you to make tweaks and turn off ads that aren’t working. You will save yourself a lot of money by being able to read the analytics. You also need to know which numbers are important and why. Just because you have a low dollar click rate does not necessarily mean your ad is successful.

For example, if your object is to sell a product, and you have tons of people clicking through to your ad with cheap clicks but not buying, then it doesn’t really matter how inexpensive the clicks are.

Debbie Peck Digital