I would love to say that I’m about to give you the latest ‘secret’ tactic or new fad that’s sweeping the social stratosphere. It’s something that people are always asking me on social media and in person because sometimes people think that there might be an insider secret or magic pill. They all want to know:

The fact is that I could list a bunch of things like post more often, use Facebook ads and tag influencers, and those things will all work. I could break it down by platform and give a ‘trick’ for each one. Truthfully, it is a combination of things that when applied correctly work very well.

But there is one universal thing that works on every platform, no matter who you are, how many followers you have or what your business is. By utilizing this one method, a brand new social media channel can gain momentum quickly, connect more deeply and build a great community.

So what is this mysterious technique? Engage!

We know that great content is key to capturing people’s attention on social media, but so many people get caught up in posting content that they forget to engage with their followers and friends. This is really the very essence of social media. People don’t want to be broadcast to – they want to join in on the conversation.

What does it really mean to engage? As an example, a few months ago there was a young man that started a brand-new Twitter account. He already had an account, but was starting a new venture, so wanted to brand this new company a little different. So he jumped on and started chatting. Within a few months he had built up his followers to well over a thousand people.

When you have meaningful conversations with people, they remember you. They think of you as a friend and if you offer to help someone, chances are they might help you back. Social media is networking online. If you think of the internet as one big meeting, and just engage in conversation and give great content and feedback, that’s what works on social media.

When you continually post sales messages or content that has no “voice”, you are merely broadcasting. Posting your content throughout the day is fine, as long as you stop to talk to the neighbors. Be neighborly. Don’t argue, don’t judge. Just be yourself. Engage.

Debbie Peck Digital