An opt-in gift, lead magnet, freebie, freemium, giveaway, or whatever you want to call it, it’s a way to get people to sign up to your email database on your website or landing page. It needs to be something that your audience would perceive as valuable, and ideally, it should be available for immediate consumption.

You Are The Expert

Freebies are like an appetizer. When you give someone a freebie on your website (aka, the teaser), they get a taste of your expertise and what you can do. Then they can decide to upgrade to your main product or service, kind of like the ‘main course’. Prospects can get an idea of your expertise and may decide to do business with you.

Your Silent Salesperson

Once you capture leads on your website, you can then market to those prospects. By offering a freebie, your website will be working for you 24/7, not just be a pretty brochure. I cannot stress enough the importance of building an email list. Your email database is a valuable asset that can be used to keep in touch with your followers and as an important sales tool.


There is a phenomenon known as reciprocity, where if you give freely, you will tend to receive. This is true in business as well. Many times when you offer free gifts to people, they feel obliged to purchase from you if it makes sense for them.

Years ago, I saw a coffee shop offer free coffee between 7:00am to 9:00am with no strings attached. They were new and just trying to get traffic into the store. The sale of muffins and pastries shot up because people felt that they should buy something, not just go in to get the free coffee. When they stopped the promotion, the sales of pastries returned to normal. The cool thing is that they maintained many of those new customers because they got used to stopping on their way to work and the shop gave them great customer service.

Social Media Too!

Freebies are great to use on social media. It gets people back to your website and also shows your expertise on a different medium. In addition to that, people might start sharing your gift, knowing that their friends may like it as well, exposing you to a much larger audience. I like to use them when I advertise so that when I spend money, I can capture the lead.

But what do you give away? And how do you make your freebie? These are two of the biggest questions I get from clients. One of the easiest and quickest lead magnets is a PDF booklet. You can spend hundreds of dollars to hire a designer to create one for you, or you can make one yourself for free. Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to create a PDF booklet, even if you are not a designer.

Debbie Peck Digital