One of the biggest mistakes that I see people making when running Facebook ads is that they send the ads traffic directly to their main website. When someone clicks on your Facebook ad and they are sent to your website there are too many distractions. It’s generally not a good idea because the visitor doesn’t know what action to take. They might look around your website for a while, but unless there is a specific next-action step for them to take, they often leave without doing anything. Now you’ve paid for the click from Facebook, but you haven’t captured the lead.

Every week I have conversations with people that go like this:

Me: Have you run Facebook ads before?

Biz Owner: Yes. They don’t work. I wasted a bunch of money.

Me: Interesting. What were you advertising?

Biz Owner: Well I wanted to get more clients so I put up an ad.

Me: OK, but where specifically did you send the traffic from the ad?

Biz Owner: To my website.

Boom. That’s ONE of the reasons why it didn’t work. I recommend sending your FB ads to a targeted opt-in page so that you can capture the lead. Start by offering a free gift to get them to opt in and then follow up by email to explain your offering further.

Now, this isn’t to say that you should never send Facebook ads traffic to your website. There are plenty of strategies where it makes sense, however these should be included as part of your overall marketing strategy, including sending traffic to an opt-in page.

Facebook makes it so easy for us to click the ‘Boost Post’ button and create ads. The minute you set up a Business Page, they offer to help you promote it. “Just click here”, it entices you with promises of getting in front of a lot of people. The sad reality is that many people spend a ton of money with little to no results from Facebook ads.

So what is the difference between your main website and an Opt-in page (or landing page)?

Lexus has a beautiful website. Unfortunately, it would not serve them to send their Facebook ads traffic to this page. Why? This page has far too many things to click on, including a top and a side menu bar. The most distracting is the button that offers to “Start Your Experience”. If it led to an opt-in, it would be better, but in this case it takes you to an area where you can start building your dream car. Awesome. But still no leads captured. AND they paid to get you there.
In this case, Lexus could offer a specific download on a stand-alone opt-in page, perhaps a guide to what to look for when buying a new car, for example. That way, they will have captured the name and email address of their prospect

Below is an example of one of my opt-in pages:

The first thing you’ll see is that it is very clean and simple. No menu and the ONLY thing you can click on is the button to get access to the free gift. This is a sub-page of my main website only people that I give the link to can see this page. So if I use it as the link for my Facebook ads, anyone clicking on the ad would be served this page. If someone downloads my free gift from this page, they’ll now be in my database and they would benefit from learning more about digital marketing and Facebook ads from the type of information I send out.

Do you see how this could be much more effective? Even if a visitor doesn’t purchase from you right away, you still have their name and email and you can still send them information and they will get to know you better. Once they learn more about you and trust you, they could then become a client.

BTW, if you want to see the actual page I mentioned in action, you can see it here:

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